Zixi Multi-Path Delivery

Maximize Bandwidth Utilization Across Multiple Paths
Multipath delivery

Delivery over a single path in the network, even with the best streaming technology, might run into congestions and bottlenecks in the route selected by the network. To overcome a single path connection, Zixi supports multi-path delivery, where a stream can be divided into multiple sub-streams that are relayed through mid-points in the network. The different weights of the sub-stream are adjusted dynamically based on congestion in the entire path. The stream is reconstructed without errors at the destination as long as the total aggregate received bitrate is equal or greater than the source bitrate.
Similarly, Zixi offers bonding capability to aggregate bandwidth across multiple local connections on a device, leveraging a user space software bonding stack that works on any device capable of having multiple IP addresses, such as mobile phones with WiFi and 4G LTE connections.


1.  High resiliency and seamless failover
2.  Aggregate multiple network connections
3.  Software Solution works on any platform with any number of routers or modems