Zixi Video On Demand

Improve your Quality of Experience
Video on Demand

The Zixi platform optimizes the delivery of VOD by accelerating the delivery of video files from origin to edge, or all the way to the player. This acceleration is done in a streaming friendly way where the content can be consumed immediately while it’s being streamed. Acceleration is done while maintaining fairness between different viewers, and without congesting the network or interfering with other types of traffic.
Zixi Broadcaster can act as the VOD origin server, with the benefit of just in time formatting and packaging with the ability to store the file once, and deliver it in multiple formats. The Broadcaster can also optimize the delivery of externally hosted content, transparently accelerating the delivery of HTTP based content.


1.  Improved overall quality
2.  Support multiple platforms with just-in-time formatting and packaging
3.  Improved startup speed
4.  Accelerate any HTTP source