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Mobile Contribution  Reliable Distribution
Contribution from your Phone or Tablet


Sending a high quality signal from a mobile phone, and playing high quality video on cellular networks can be challenging. Zixi's proven set of protocols address these two problems.
Zixi’s OnAir app ensures delivery of the highest quality streaming from mobile devices at the lowest latency, with WiFi/LTE network bonding - for higher bit rate and dynamic failover. The stream is encoded with mobile device hardware encoder at up to 1080p60 resolution, to maximize the streaming quality and minimize battery drain. Encoding bitrate adapts in real time to the available bandwidth.
Zixi’s HTTP proxy improves streaming quality to any HLS capable mobile players in a transparent way.
Zixi’s low latency player is a full stack video player that assures, in addition to robust delivery, a low latency and synchronized playback.
All apps are available for free on Google Play and Apple AppStore, and are available as SDK.

Any Platform Anywhere:

Zixi can be run on iOS and Android operating systems. This enables organizations to be more efficient, accept new feeds, from anywhere, and deliver to any device anywhere. Zixi provides an SDK for developers to embed Zixi into mobile devices and apps with a small footprint. Once in place, Zixi feeds from phones over 4G LTE and WiFi can be sent to a Zixi Broadcaster, where they can be processed, transcoded, and distributed out to a Zixi Receiver enabled mobile device.

Zixi-OnAir™ - Stream Live from a Mobile Device

OnAir is Zixi's mobile contribution solution enabling high quality video delivery from your phone or tablet to a Zixi Broadcaster that is on premise or in the cloud.  Zixi Feeder™ can be embedded on any iOS or Android device or app and enables high quality video to be delivered from anywhere instantly.  Zixi Feeder software wraps the encoded output from the camera on your phone or tablet and streams it in clearly with no buffering or Jitter.  Zixi's transport protocol protects the stream managing packet loss over any distance.  News Organizations, broadcasters, and live event producers can leverage a high quality feed from any mobile device delivered to a Zixi Broadcaster

Distribution to your Mobile Device:

Zixi-Play™ is the receive point for high quality video delivered via the Zixi Protocol directly to your mobile device.  Video can be delivered to any mobile device from a Zixi Broadcaster running in the cloud or on-premise.  Zixi Reciever™ can be embedded into any mobile device ensuring high quality live streaming delivered directly to your mobile device leveraging the Zixi protocol.

Zixi-Play™ - Live Video Delivered to your Mobile Device

Zixi Proxy: Gateway between Zixi Streaming Protocol and HTTP

Zixi Proxy client is a flexible software component providing a gateway between the Zixi streaming protocol and HTTP protocols. Zixi Proxy is designed to run on mobile devices, servers or along web browsers and to allow them to receive the Zixi streaming protocol. Zixi Proxy also allows accelerated file transfer or ZIFT allowing for the downloading and uploading of media files from the device.

Zixi Proxy client
Resides at the End Point of consumption:
  • Accepts input from Zixi Broadcaster via standard IP networks (including the public Internet)
  • Output HTTP to a local host destination
  • Download/Upload files from/to Zixi Broadcaster

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