Zixi Adaptive Bitrate Delivery

Intelligent Innovative Approach
Adaptive Bitrate

Adaptive Bitrate streaming works by detecting a client’s available bandwidth and adjusting the quality of a video stream in real time, usually where the source content is encoded at multiple bit rates, segmented into small multi-second parts, and delivered over HTTP.

Zixi’s platform has three bitrate adaptation techniques:
  • Zixi’s streaming protocol is itself adaptive, allowing a low latency and synchronized adaptive streaming to players or decoders incapable of bitrate adaption, such as IRDs or transcoders.
  • Zixi’s platform can transparently accelerate HTTP based adaptive bitrate streaming techniques like HLS and MPEG-DASH, improves quality and reduces buffering time in spite of the varying network conditions of the public internet and of cellular networks.
  • Lastly, when coupled with an encoder or transcoder, Zixi is able to dynamically throttle the source bitrate to continuously follow the available network bitrate, for even greater flexibility and resiliency.

Download Zixi White Paper on ABR Streaming


1.  Adapt to higher quality
2.  Synchronized adaptive streaming
3.  Overcome first mile congestion