Zixi Accelerated File Transfer

Fast, Economical, Convenient File Transfer Option
Zixi Accelerated File Transfer

Leveraging the Zixi Broadcaster, the management, processing, and distribution hub of the Zixi platform, users can leverage the Zixi protocol for accelerated file transfers at line speed comparable to other file transfer solutions on the market.  Because Zixi is a UDP based protocol, leveraging the platform to deliver media files at accelerated rates is possible.  Files are sent to the Zixi Broadcaster where the file is centrally accessible from any Zixi Receiver client.  Zixi is the only solution the market that delivers Live video streams and offers a low cost Accelerated file transfer option as part of its platform. 


1.) Accelerated File Transfer on the same platform as Zixi Live Streaming
2.) Deliver large video files using same Zixi technology to any Zixi Receiver client
3.) Easy and straightforard to use 
4.) Economical offering compared to other file transfer offerings on the market
​5.) Friendly to other types of traffic, maximizes throughput without congesting the network
Available as an SDK