Zixi Brings Live TV to the Farthest Corners of the Globe

  • Challenge

    Deliver a customized bouquet of HD French-language channels to residents of New Caledonia without relying on traditional satellite and fiber.

  • Solution

    The Zixi Platform helps telecom provider Can’l achieve 24x7 live linear bouquet channel distribution using the open internet—all with the utmost quality, security and reliability.  

  • Benefit

    Can’l can now offer New Caledonia residents a bouquet package of over 80 HD French-language channels, at an affordable cost.

New Caledonia is a French territory comprising dozens of islands in the South Pacific, over 16,500 kilometers from Paris—making it the most distant and remote part of the French republic. For decades, the archipelago’s 260,000 inhabitants had extremely limited access to French-speaking television channels from other countries.
Local telecoms provider Can’l began exploring ways to meet the local demand for content and bring French-language channels to New Caledonia in HD quality. After exploring all the available options, Can’l leveraged the Zixi Platform to launch GoTV—a bouquet of over 80 TV channels, including 60 HD TV channels from leading European groups including, TF1, M6, MTV, FOX, and more. Thanks to the Zixi Platform, the New Caledonian people now enjoy a much closer connection with the rest of the French-speaking world in high definition.

Going the Distance

To make GoTV a reality, Can’l needed a way to deliver the channel bouquet from Paris to the New Caledonia capital city of Nouméa. Since New Caledonia is located almost halfway around the globe from Paris, traditional satellite and fiber solutions were prohibitively expensive for HD content delivery.
In search of a cost-effective solution, Can’l turned to Pixagility, a Paris-based digital services provider that helps clients solve media workflow challenges. Pixagility recommended a Zixi-based workflow that would allow Can’l to send channels to New Caledonia using the public internet—all with the utmost quality, security and reliability.  

“The Zixi Platform works to transport perfect live SPTS or MPTS 24/7 broadcast video from any point on the globe to any other location.”

—Philippe Monzein, Director of Business Development at Pixagility.

The Zixi Solution

Since audiences have zero tolerance for service outages, Can’l needed a solution that could provide 24/7 uptime without interruptions. Pixagility implemented a fully redundant workflow centered around main and backup Zixi Broadcast servers running at the Pixagility data center in Paris. Pixagility provides 24x7 monitoring and management to make sure the channels are delivered correctly.

  • Capture TV channels in Paris [Pixagility]
  • Add insertions, graphic overlays, subtitling [Pixagility]
  • Input channels into the Zixi Broadcast servers [Pixagility]
  • Deliver channels over a standard internet connection to Nouméa [Pixagility]
  • Receive channels using Zixi receiver [Can’l]
  • Deliver to audiences on set top boxes, mobile devices, and computers [Can’l]

The Zixi Platform’s underlying technology ensures complete reliability of the video signal so audiences can enjoy true HD quality. While traditional Internet-based video transmission is plagued by packet loss, jitter, signal degradation and intermittent failures, the Zixi Platform offers built-in bandwidth optimization, hybrid intelligent error correction and packet loss recovery technology so Can’l can deliver the highest-quality content to audiences.

“There was no other way to do this without Zixi,”

—stated Philippe Monzein, Director of Business Development at Pixagility.

Zixi Makes an Impact

“Previously, it was hard for New Caledonian people to access live HD French-language TV,” said Ronan Lunven, President at Pixagility. “Now, the availability of GoTV enables residents to enjoy all the latest French-language news, sports, and entertainment. The Zixi Platform has made a huge impact, allowing the people of New Caledonia to be much more connected with the rest of the French-speaking world.”

“The Zixi Platform has made a huge impact, allowing the people of New Caledonia to be much more connected with the rest of the French-speaking world”

—Ronan Lunven, President, Pixagility
Additionally, the scalability of the Zixi Platform makes it easy and affordable for Can’l to add more channels to the GoTV package. Having initially launched the service with 40 channels in 2013, Can’l now offers over 80 HD channels, with more to come.

“Zixi gives us the ability to continually expand our channel offerings,”
“ We look forward to using Zixi for many years to come.”

—Ronan Lunven, President at Pixagility.


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