Zixi Case Study — B.A.S.S.

  • Remote Live Production over IP
  • Improve Economics
  • Improve Efficiency

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The Challenge

Covering an outdoor event like BASSMASTERS, which JM Associates has been doing for over 30 years, provides a host of logistical and operational challenges. The “field” anglers compete on is the first challenge, as typically a BASSMASTER event takes place on a 150 mile river or lake, and sometimes larger. Going back to the 80’s and 90’s, the events were videotaped, edited, and typically would air months after the event took place.

In the late 90’s and early 00’s, that time was cut down to two weeks to air with the advent of file based editing, which simplified the workflow. Producing the event required significant resources on site, including a broadcast truck, cameramen, and production crew following the series of events around the country, whittling over 100 hours of footage down to a 1 hour show.

The Solution

Remote Live Production with Zixi: Once the producers at JM Associates found Zixi, everything changed. The event now is produced live with Zixi enabled JVC cameras and Zixi enabled Teradek Cubes streaming over 4GLTE right off the water. Streams are sent back to a JM Assoiciates production truck which now sits in the parking lot at JM studios in Little Rock, Arkansas, vs. being on site at the event. Talent in the studio provide the coverage while cutting live to anglers out on the “field”, which could be a lake in California, a lake in Florida, or a Lake in Louisiana. The event is then streamed to over 100,000 people on BASSMASTER.com, which is hosted on BrightCove.

JM Associates now produces BASSMASTER series events live for the entire season, while also creating edits from the live content coming from Zixi enabled devices, creating highlights on the fly, and publishing to social media.
Remote Live Production over IP: JM Associates relies on Zixi enabled JVC cameras and Zixi enabled Teradek Cubes to send live via Zixi over IP back to the production truck. The show is mixed, including in studio coverage, talk back to the talent out on the lake, with the resulting dirty feed going to BrightCove where it is seen by over 100,000 people.
 “Zixi is completely revolutionizing how JM Associates covers outdoor events enabling IP contribution over any distance, from anywhere, even on the water, for remote live production of BASSMASTER events”
Mike McKinnis
VP Media Content BASS - JM Associates
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Improved Economics: By doing the events live over IP with Zixi, JM Associates saves money on operations as most of the production crew no longer travels to the event. The truck, in studio talent, and production crew are all doing the event live remotely from Arkansas.

The Configuration


Remote Live Production with Zixi

1. Stream Live from anywhere: BASSMASTER events are held on lakes anywhere in the US. JM Associates sends cameramen to cover the event with Zixi enabled JVC cameras and Zixi enabled Teradek Cubes

2. Streaming: JM streams live from cameras positioned out on the lake sending Zixi streams over bonded 4G LTE back to production truck

3. Live Production: All live production is managed in broadcast truck parked in JM Associates parking lot. In studio talent provide coverage while live shots are interspersed with talk back between talent and anglers facilitated by director in the 
4. Live Mixing: Streams are mixed live and the dirty feed is sent to BASSMASTERs Website where over 100,000 people are tuning in. BASSMASTERs site is hosted by brightcove.

5. Social Media: JM Associates also edits the live streams and sends highlights in near real time to social media sites

6. Post Production: JM also records all the content and produces the show and sends produced event to ESPN for airing at a later time

Benefits of Live Production over IP with Zixi

Decreased Cost: the event costs
significantly less because most of the live production is managed in Arkansas, centrally requiring only camera crew to be at the event, saving money on travel
Improved Efficiency: In-Studio talent is located at JM Associates, while live event is streamed over 4G LTE back to truck
Live to BASSMASTERS website: over 100,000 people tune in to watch the event live on bassmasters.com, which is receiving the dirty feed from JM truck
“Zixi is allowing us to improve efficiency by doing remote live productions right from our studios, with contribution feeds coming reliably over IP using Zixi, while saving us considerable money on operations as most of our production crew stays in Arkansas vs. having to be on site at the event. “
Mike McKinnis
Producer Director - JM Associates